Monday, October 10, 2011

New Time New Place

We've switched our services to my home--2709 Louisville.
We're between Piedras and Alabama. 
Our new times are as follows:
Sunday, 10am.
Tuesday, still 7pm.

Sundays @ 10am, which I assume will be our most attended services, will be in the living room of my house. Go through the gate on the side and then enter my house at the side door.

I am keeping our Tuesday night services @ 7pm because several of our regular Zentistas can only come then. For Tuesday night services, we will sit in my office. Again, go through the gate, but continue ahead to my office. The lights will be on, the tea will be hot. Lee, by the way, will be hosting neighborhood children in the house.

Remember: my cell number is 915-241-3140 if you have questions. If you want special instruction about zazen and Zen practice, please come early or call to see me.  

The Byrd House @ 2709 Louisville

The Side Gate: Come on in. 
Sundays, enter the house through the side door.
Tuesdays, come on back to the office.

Back Office. Come on in.
I'll keep the light on for you.

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