Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seeing matter as emptiness. Huh?

This is a recent blog posting from my teacher Harvey Daiho Hilbert of the Order of Clear Mind Zen. I recommend wholeheartedly that you follow Daiho on his blog or write to him to be included on his email list. The photo of Daiho I found on the Upaya Website. Somebody took it during Daiho's Street Zen practice.--Bobby Kankin 

With palms together,

Good Morning Everyone,

“Seeing matter itself as emptiness produces great wisdom so one does not dwell in birth and death; seeing emptiness as equivalent to matter produces great compassion so one does not dwell in nirvana.”  Yun-feng

We should each study these words.  They arise from the teaching of the Wisdom sutras and yield much support to our practice.  All things come and go, why dwell in the coming and going, the seeking and the grasping?  Since the true nature of coming and going gives rise to things themselves, we open to hear their cries. Neither seeking or grasping, we exist as an open channel in the flow of the universe.  As an open channel, we experience the shore, the tides, the ebb and flow of all things.

As the meal chant concludes, “May we exist in muddy water with purity like a lotus.”

Be well.

Rev. Daiho Hilbert
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